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Our Minister

Our minister is Rev. Graham Austin.
Our Ministry   >   Minister & Leadership

Support Staff

The church does not employ support staff, but relies on church members, who serve the church on a voluntary basis. This includes the Secretary and Treasurer of the church.
Our Ministry   >   Minister & Leadership


Elders are chosen from the members of the church, usually elected to office during the Annual General Meeting. Elders are installed for a period of four years and can be re-installed twice to serve for a total of twelve years.
The twelve Elders form the policy making body called the Consistory, meeting every six weeks, chaired by the minister. Elders are on duty by rotation to assist in worship or special church services. Each Elder is in charge of a ‘pastoral area’, a specified geographical area where SICR members live. Elders’ duties include assisting the minister in pastoral care, visiting members and representing the church as necessary.