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Pastoral Care

The Minister, assisted by a Pastoral Team, consisting of dedicated SICR members monitors the spiritual and physical well-being of all church members.
Naturally special attention is given to the elderly, the sick and those in distress.
Regular visits are carried out by the Minister or / and Pastoral Team members. The Elders, who may also pay home visits, are kept informed of needy cases and consulted on appropriate possible assistance or measures of care.
Our Ministry   >   Care, Help & Counselling


Counselling takes place on request and/or in the case of a perceived need, and if offered by the Minister or / and the Pastoral Team through home visits or at the church.
Counselling can address various situations or issues, like personal counselling on mental distress, financial or job issues, marital or (family) relationship and naturally also religious matters.
Finally the Social Team of the church may assist in Pastoral care by organizing activities for special groups like the elderly or the sick. More information about the Social team can be found here.
Our Ministry   >   Care, Help & Counselling

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