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You can watch our Church Services live via Kerk Dienst Gemist:

Friday Open Door Afternoons

All are welcome in this place

Welcome 12:00 to 15:30

Tour of the building, and Garden Wall Mosaic,
praymeditate in the Sanctuary,
in the Lower Hall enjoy a bowl of soup
or just a cuppa & a chat. 

Soup available E 2,-


The Advent season begins on Sunday 27th November

There will be lots of opportunities to explore this year’s theme of ‘Light in the darkness’. There will, of course, be our normal morning services however in addition there will be evening devotional services at 19.30 looking at the same readings.

Advent 1 27 November John 1:1-14: The Word

Advent 2 4 December Luke 2:8-20: Shepherds with Communion

Advent 3 11 December Luke 2:25-32: Simeon

Advent 4 18 December Matt 2:1-12: Wise men.

This will be a busy day with a Sunday School Nativity in the morning and a Sunday School party in the afternoon. At 17.30 a High tea/potluck, local carol singing and a carol service in the evening 19.30.

This all leads up to Christmas Day which this year is on a Sunday.

To support the theme Bible Study material, produced by Irene Bom, is available for Fellowship Groups and personal study. These are downloadable from the links below.





We look forward to worship together as we celebrate the arrival of Jesus – God with us

Messy Church

It is very exciting, and hard work, preparing for the Christmas Messy Church 2022. We are looking forward to welcome families to the SICR on Saturday 26 November 10.30-12noon for a fun filled time exploring the Christmas story. After the activities we will have a short service followed by food. Please email to let us know you are coming and how many.

Christmas Fayre

This event is for church funds as part of our Stewardship ‘The 3 Campaign’.

Please come along on Saturday 3 December 10.30-14.00 and support our efforts.

Home-made Christmas crafts for sale. There is also a small Christmas café where you can buy 3 items for €5.

Bring your children/grandchildren to meet a special guest, a very good friend of Sinta Klaus.

Thank you all!

Mission Offering November 2022

In November we support “SKIN-Samen Kerk in Nederland”

You can find out more about them and their work at

SICR Bank accounts: NL62 RABO 0373741006 or NL17 INGB 0000 175187

SKIN is een koepelorganisatie voor en door internationale en migrantenkerken in Nederland.

SKIN is uniek als interkerkelijke en interculturele organisatie die niet over internationale en migrantenkerken spreekt, maar van henzelf is.

De naam van de stichting weerspiegelt hun ideaal: “samen met onze broeders en zusters in Christus gestalte geven aan de eenheid van het Lichaam van Christus, de Kerk, in ons land Nederland.”

“De stichting heeft ten doel het door onderling contact en gezamenlijke actie van de bij de stichting aangesloten christelijke geloofsgemeenschappen elkaar steunen bij het zoeken en vinden van een zodanige plaats in de Nederlandse samenleving dat zij de mogelijkheid hebben om als kerk of kerkelijke gemeente in de Nederlandse samenleving te functioneren”.

Deelnemende kerken die bij SKIN actief zijn, zijn zowel de zogenaamde historische migrantenkerken (leden zijn afkomstig uit landen waar Nederland een historische – koloniale – band mee heeft gehad, zoals Indonesië, de Molukken en Suriname), als andere kerken, opgericht of voortgezet door migranten die afkomstig zijn uit andere delen van de wereld. Sommige van deze kerkgenootschappen grijpen terug op heel oude tradities, andere kerkgenootschappen zijn juist relatief nieuw. Sommige kerken zijn al tientallen of zelfs honderden jaren in Nederland, andere hebben zich pas recentelijk in ons land gevestigd. 

SKIN wil een tastbare bijdrage leveren in het voorzien van de basisbehoeften van haar deelnemende kerken (back to basics). We doen dit met name door toerusting van leiders en actieve vrijwilligers op diverse onderwerpen. Toerusting is essentieel voor de stabiliteit en continuïteit van de christelijke geloofsgemeenschappen. SKIN ziet hierin voor zichzelf een verbindende, informerende en coördinerende en/of verwijzende rol weggelegd.

Stewardship Campaing Update

A fun day at the beach

Very simple, people wil make their own way, after the church service, to gather at Hoek van Holland for a social/fun time.

Bring your own picnic and hopefully games and music will be organized.

There is a list on the notice board in the lower hall if you can offer a car share.

Messy Church

The Stewardship Campaign 2022

For more information click on the link below


Registration is no longer required

In person services have resumed

The Church will be fully open from Sunday 27th February

  • Online registration for the Sunday worship is no longer required.
  • The church will be open as it was in pre-corona times removing the requirement for social distancing.
  • 4 pews either side to the rear of the church will be designated for those who wish to keep 1.5 meters distance.
  • The separate entrance and exit routes for the time being is retained.
  • Attenders are encouraged attenders to sanitize hands, sneeze into elbows, not to shake hands.
  • Please do not come to church if you are showing any symptoms.
  • There will be full congregational singing, the vocalists can finally rest! However, all hymns will be, at the most, 3 verses for the time being.
  • Windows and doors will remain open during the service. Come prepared for a cooler room!
  • The on-line services will still continue.
  • Tea and coffee will be available after the service.
  • For the time being the current method of communion preparation and serving will be retained to minimize person to person contact.
  • The same goes for the offering where the plates will be at the back of the church.

It may be that you are not ready to return to the church and that is OK.

The services will still be lived streamed HERE.

You may also wish to keep your Facemask on as you move about the building and that is also fine.

The main thing is that you feel comfortable as you make your way back to church.

We are grateful for everyone’s resilience over the last, almost two years.

It has not been an easy time but we thank God for his presence with us and know that God continues with us into the days ahead.

Thank you…

…to those who have worked hard to keep the congregation safe through thorough cleaning.

…to the vocalists who have enhanced our worship with their beautiful singing.

…to the musicians for their extraordinary talent and willingness to serve during this time.

…to the technical people who kept the services on-line and improved the presentation over time.

…to everyone who contributed in anyway to the services over this time.

We look forward to meeting you at our Sunday services!

Journey Through Lent

The International Presbytery invites you to Lenten Climate Conversations & Celebrations Zoom Bible Studies in English on Thursdays during Lent

Starting March 3rd at 7:45 pm CET, 1 hour

Register here for a Zoom Link:

House Groups/Bible Studies

Pilgrims House Group Mondays at 7.30pm
Returns on 9 January
(Contact Irene)

Manse House Group Schiedamse Vest 121
Returns late January
(Contact Graham )

If you are interested in house groups email our Fellowship Coordinators

Mission Offering February 2023

Buddies for families without parents in Zambia – KIA

Zambia is a large country in East/Southern Africa with a very high rate of urbanisation, most people living in the Copperbelt. HIV-AIDS caused many deaths, leaving more than 20.000 families to remain without parents. These under-18 family heads have not only to care for their younger siblings, but also find part-time jobs to sustain the family income. As a result they often have to forsake their own (secondary) education.

The Council of Churches of Zambia is encouraging churches to take care of these children by creating voluntary ‘Buddies who assist these families to survive’. This project started in 2020 and is now also supported by KIA Kerk-in-Actie of the PKN – Protestantse Kerk Netherlands.

Already 500 child-led families are being supported and 75 ‘Buddies’ have been trained. These families are materially and financially supported, while the under-18 family head is assisted to continue her/his education or training.

Support this project directly during the retiring Mission Offering collection at the top of the stairs or by internet banking to the SICR Bank account:

SICR Bank accounts: NL62 RABO 0373741006 or NL17 INGB 0000 175187

Five Day Bible Reading

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!


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House Groups/Bible Studies

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Mission Offering February 2023

In February we support Buddies for families without parents in Zambia, via the SICR Bank […]

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