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The Stewardship Campaign 2022

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Registration is no longer required

In person services have resumed

The Church will be fully open from Sunday 27th February

  • Online registration for the Sunday worship is no longer required.
  • The church will be open as it was in pre-corona times removing the requirement for social distancing.
  • 4 pews either side to the rear of the church will be designated for those who wish to keep 1.5 meters distance.
  • The separate entrance and exit routes for the time being is retained.
  • Attenders are encouraged attenders to sanitize hands, sneeze into elbows, not to shake hands.
  • Please do not come to church if you are showing any symptoms.
  • There will be full congregational singing, the vocalists can finally rest! However, all hymns will be, at the most, 3 verses for the time being.
  • Windows and doors will remain open during the service. Come prepared for a cooler room!
  • The on-line services will still continue.
  • Tea and coffee will be available after the service.
  • For the time being the current method of communion preparation and serving will be retained to minimize person to person contact.
  • The same goes for the offering where the plates will be at the back of the church.

It may be that you are not ready to return to the church and that is OK.

The services will still be lived streamed HERE.

You may also wish to keep your Facemask on as you move about the building and that is also fine.

The main thing is that you feel comfortable as you make your way back to church.

We are grateful for everyone’s resilience over the last, almost two years.

It has not been an easy time but we thank God for his presence with us and know that God continues with us into the days ahead.

Thank you…

…to those who have worked hard to keep the congregation safe through thorough cleaning.

…to the vocalists who have enhanced our worship with their beautiful singing.

…to the musicians for their extraordinary talent and willingness to serve during this time.

…to the technical people who kept the services on-line and improved the presentation over time.

…to everyone who contributed in anyway to the services over this time.

We look forward to meeting you at our Sunday services!

Journey Through Lent

The International Presbytery invites you to Lenten Climate Conversations & Celebrations Zoom Bible Studies in English on Thursdays during Lent

Starting March 3rd at 7:45 pm CET, 1 hour

Register here for a Zoom Link:

All are welcome in this place

Open Door Afternoons

July & August closed

Tour of the building, and Garden Wall Mosaic,
praymeditate in the Sanctuary,
in the Lower Hall enjoy a bowl of soup
or just a cuppa & a chat. 


Heilige Huisjes – Space & Culture in Rotterdam Churches

Volunteers wanted!

Thirty-six Rotterdam Churches among which the SICR will host the Week of the Rotterdam Churches from 27 May till/incl. 4th June.

On Saturday 28th May (only) our Church will feature with a tour of the building, Mosaic wall, Organ Play, Story Telling and Hospitality.

For the latter we need two teams of volunteers sharing work between 10 am and 4 pm. Contact the SICR Office or Bob Hensen.

You can find more information on by clicking the document below


Or visit the website of Heilige Huisjes Rotterdam

Over precies 15 dagen vind de officiële opening plaats van Heilige Huisjes Rotterdam, met 9 dagen vol lezingen, muziek, tentoonstellingen, rondleidingen en openstellingen in de gebedshuizen van de stad.

We gaan deze periode aftrappen met een inspirerend programma in Citykerk het Steiger, je bent van harte welkom om de opening van dit bijzondere initiatief mee te komen vieren!

Naast de opening door wethouder Said Kasmi (Onderwijs, Cultuur en Toerisme) zijn er spoken-word optredens en presenteert Verhalenhuis Belvédère de nieuwe publicatie ‘Steigerverhalen’.

Nadat het programma om 16:15 is afgelopen is er nog tijd om elkaar te ontmoeten en na te praten onder het genot van een drankje. Ook is er nog een tentoonstelling over nieuw gebruik van kerkgebouwen te zien.

Datum: Vrijdag 27 mei
Aanvang: 15:30 (inloop vanaf 15:00)
Einde: 17:00
Locatie: Citykerk Het Steiger
Adres: Hang 18, Rotterdam
Kosten: Gratis

Meer informatie over het programma vind je via

Mission Offering May 2022

May Mission Offering will benefit the Nazareth Trust

May Mission Offering will benefit the Nazareth Trust, which is a British Charity, EMMS. ‘Healing in the name of Jesus since 861’

The Nazareth Hospital EMMS is one of the oldest hospitals in the Middle East and the largest in Nazareth. The hospital is run by the Nazareth Trust. It was founded as a Christian mission by Dr. Kaloost Vartan and the Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society in 1861. The hospital now houses 147 beds, employs over 500 staff, and receives over 50,000 visits annually.

Meet & make collage

Special Prayer for peace in Ukraine

Living God,

Creator and giver of life to all people:

We ask that you would hear our prayer for peace amongst the nations

And for ending of conflict in Ukraine.

Lord, in your mercy,

Hear our prayer.

Living God,

Who shall judge between the nations:

We ask that that you would lead the nations in the paths of peace

And that the dividing wall of hostility would be broken down.

Lord, in your mercy,

Hear our prayer.

Living God,

Who has inspired faith across the ages:

Grant peace in the midst of war

And bring harmony to the commonwealth of nations.

Lord, in your mercy,

Hear our prayer.

Living God,

Who gave his only Son that we might have life:

We ask that you would pour out your Holy Spirit

And inspire in us hope that peace will be renewed.

Lord, in your mercy,

Hear our prayer.

Mission Offering April 2022

Mission Offering March: Ma-Flo Kids Education Mission Offering

We all see the heart rendering images on TV and hear the reports of foreign and other correspondents.We can’t stay unmoved, please donate and see what else you can do.Find more information on:

The Ma-Flo Foundation was created in 2007 to support the personal efforts of Ma Flo. She is Florence Foyab, a Cameroonian member of the SICR, who discovered that many orphans, whose parents died of AIDS, could no longer go to primary school. With the aid of the Ma-Flo Kids Foundation, just over a dozen AIDS orphans are supported through primary school. Their school fees are paid and they receive a pair of shoes every year.

Unfortunately, the Anglophone South West and North West Provinces of Cameroon are in their fifth year of a virtual and all too real brutal Civil War. They declared their Universal Declaration of Independence in October 2017. The response of the francophone Central Cameroun Government was a brutal repression and occupation by francophone troops. Up to two thousand deaths on both sides have been counted, while there are more than a hundred and fifty thousand refugees in Nigeria.

The Government and mission schools have been closed for three years, due to the fighting, but small community schools have sprung up where Ma-Flo Kids have been found continuing their education.

In November last year we sent € 713,46 for school fees and shoes, which means that we now have to replenish our funds for the 2022/2023 year.

Please let your heart speak and support this Mission Offering by using the SICR Bank accounts: NL62 RABO 0373741006 or NL17 INGB 0000 175187

Church of Scotland website

The Scots International Church Rotterdam is part of the Church of Scotland

Friday’s Open Afternoon Lenten Devotions

Friday’s Open Afternoon Lenten Devotions at the SICR

A 20 minute devotional service in the Sanctuary from 1.45pm starting on Friday 4th March until April 8th. A time of worship and reflection as we prepare for Holy Week and Easter.


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