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On Sunday mornings, we offer:
  • A service of worship
  • A crèche for infants up to 3 years old, run by parents
  • Sunday School for children from 3 to 11 after the children's message in the main service
  • A Youth Group for 12 to 18
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The Sunday Services from 10:30 a.m. to ± 12:00 noon are the mainstay of our ministry to adults.
The service usually follows a regular pattern consisting of the Gathering, the Word, the Thanksgiving and the Sending. Prayers, songs and hymns, Bible readings, offering, announcements and benediction form part of this.
On special occasions, for example, at Easter or Easter, a Family Service is held when children participate in the whole service, often taking an active role.
Remembrance Sunday takes place on the second Sunday in November and focuses on those who died in the two World Wars, as well as during Peace keeping duties. A traditional Scottish piper and bugler are in church to play the ‘Lament’ and the ‘Last Post’.
It has been a long tradition in the SICR to hold an International Peace Service on the evening of Remembrance Sunday. Ministers and choirs from other international or non-Dutch language churches in Rotterdam are invited to participate.
The Thomas (Mass) Prayers is a Service held several times a year, during which the congregation, after the sermon, moves around several stations in the sanctuary where they can perform a symbolic act like lighting a candle, pray and meditate.
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The Crèche is a safe and warm place for children up to the age of three. Parents, taking turns to watch over the children, are also able to hear the service - so they don’t miss out.
The Crèche is also a great way for parents of young children to meet one another! If you are interested in helping to look after young children, contact Maaike van Eerden for details.
Our Child Protection Officer, Veronica Leerdam, screens all who take care of the infants, as well as those involved in the Sunday School and Youth Group, in order to ensure proper safe guarding in line with Church of Scotland regulations.
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Sunday School

Our Sunday School takes place every Sunday, except during July and August.
Sunday School starts when the children come down from the Sanctuary to the Lower hall, after the Children’s Message.
The Sunday School caters for children from three to eleven years of age in three age groups; three to four, five to seven and nine to eleven. They are taught by a group of volunteer teachers, who are instructed, guided and coached by the Sunday School Superintendent Olaf de Zanger. Highlights of the year are the Annual Sunday School Christmas party and the Picnic in the park.
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Youth Group

The Youth Group is for youth from twelve to eighteen years old.
They attend the first part of the service and then gather upstairs in the attic each Sunday - except the last Sunday of the month. The Youth Group deals with issues of teenage life from a Christian perspective.
If you want to join the group or assist in guiding and coaching the youth, talk to Rignalda Fleming, Fayola Cairo, Jeroen Naaktgeboren or Saskia Dorsman (010 290 0292).