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With exception of our minister, our church has no paid staff to make its services and activities possible.
Elders, and various church members volunteer for a variety of tasks and duties, mostly in turns and regulated by appropriate schedules.
Here are some of the duties you can choose to volunteer for:
Welcoming visitors
Bible reading
Singing in a choir
Bringing flowers to the sanctuary
Providing hospitality after the service
Assisting in the Sunday School, Youth Group or the Crèche
Handing out and receiving hymn books and other occasional tasks
Lending a helping hand in the cleanup of the church buildings and premises
Get Involved   >   Volunteering


Several teams of volunteers have been formed, headed by a convener and are dealing with various matters. All teams, with exception of the Pastoral Team, given its exposure to privacy sensitive cases, report to the Council.
  • The Hospitality Team coordinates the hospitality after the service in the Lower Hall.
  • The Cultural Evenings Team organizes cultural evenings for the church members and the general public.
  • The Finance & Management team monitors the financial and general management of the SICR and gives advice to the Council and, where appropriate, to the Consistory.
  • The Caretaking Team takes care of all matters concerning cleaning, housekeeping, safeguarding of property (building and facilities), and access for rentals.
  • The Pastoral Team takes care of the pastoral needs of members of the SICR, which may include visits and identifying prayer needs.
  • The Property Team assures maintenance, repairs and general upkeep of the SICR property buildings and equipment.
  • The Publicity and Herald Team assures the publicity for the SICR, by maintaining the SICR website, Facebook page, and publishing the bi-monthly Herald Newsletter.
  • The Welcome Team receives visitors in the entrance of the church before the service. They ask them to sign the visitors’ book and give practical information about the church and the worship service.
If you wish to help us or join one of our teams, please contact: