Mission Offering September 2022

September Mission Offering Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland

http:// https://www.vluchtelingenwerk.nl/

Stichting Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland is the foundation that assists refugees that have arrived in the Netherlands to go through their procedure of recognition, job seeking, finding housing and integration into Dutch society.

COA – Central Organ Accommodating is mandated by the Dutch government to receive refugees and asylumnseekers.

However, the IND- Immigration and Naturalisation Service of the Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs is the authority that registers asylum seekers and approves their status. The lack of capacity by the IND and the current ‘hausse’ of asylum seekers causes the problems at the infamous reception centre of Ter Apel. Vluchtelingenwerk is active in almost every place in the Netherlands. They use many local volunteers, directed and supported by professionals. You are not only encouraged to support this Mission Offering with your donation, but also find out what help you can give as a volunteer.