The new Herald, relaunched!

After a brief hiatus, it is with immense delight that we present the relaunched Herald. Like its predecessor, the new Herald aims to inform and edify its readers.

You can view the latest edition of the Herald here:

With regards to practical matters, the edition presents an overview (pages 10-15) of key church developments/activities of the past months, and those anticipated in the current quarter.

The theme of the current edition is service. Assembled in it are a series of reflections, stories, and a poem exploring service from multiple perspectives. The collection charts the evolution of the word across the ages; it portrays the act of service as involving a fundamental shift in perspective whereby ‘the other’—instead of ‘the self’—is the focus of our attention. Equally, it observes how service lies at the core of achieving genuine human connection, and a sense of purpose.

We conclude by acknowledging our indebtedness and sincere gratitude to Ato Bob Hensen and George Ross, the immediate past editor and layout designer respectively, for having sustained the Herald all these years.

The Herald Team.