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A new online Advent calendar will bring the true spirit of Christmas to life with 25 specially created videos made by members of the Church of Scotland ministries team.A new online Advent calendar will bring the true spirit of Christmas to life with 25 specially created videos made by members of the Church of Scotland ministries team.

Each of the thought provoking, often hard-hitting, films feature trainee ministers, probationers, a deacon and youth workers from across the country who reflect on a word that symbolises the true meaning of the season.

Half of the daily messages, which are also inspiring and uplifting, have been recorded by women and follow on from the Church’s successful Advent campaign last year which saw 24 short videos viewed more than 180,000 times.

Nearly 6,000 people signed up to receive the high quality films last year and early indications suggest that this year’s campaign, which is bigger in scope, will prove even more popular.



The tone of the films ranges from the joyful to the spiritual and are aimed at helping people seeking to find the true festive spirit amid the “rampant commercialism” which now dominates the weeks of Advent.

The Moderator of the General Assembly Right Rev Dr Russell Barr features in the first video, which was recorded in Glasgow’s Queen Street train station, and focuses on the word “Journey”.

He also features in the last video, recorded at the site of the old Rottenrow maternity Hospital in Glasgow near Strathclyde University where he was born, which is being released on Christmas Day and will reflect on the word “Shelter”.

It is a pertinent theme for Dr Barr because he is using his year in office to highlight homelessness and the Tomorrow’s Calling campaign, which encourages people to consider entering the ministry.

“The Advent season is when the church picks up the Christmas story and turns its attention towards Bethlehem,” he said.

“Beginning in Glasgow’s Queen Street station, the Advent Video project will take you on a fascinating journey of discovery.

“As the series explores some of the background to the birth of Jesus, you will learn so much more about the deep meaning of Christmas and so much more about yourself.

“And when the journey ends outside a broken down maternity hospital, your heart will be filled with wonder and you will be glad to join with the shepherds and angels, and with people the world over, celebrating the birth of the Christ child.”

Louise Purden, who is currently studying for the ministry at New College in Edinburgh, will focus on the word “Goodwill”, British Army chaplain Rev Chris Kellock, who worked in an Ebola field hospital in Sierra Leone in 2014, is reflecting on the word “Separation” and Angela Brydson, Deacon of Annandale and Eskdale is concentrating on the meaning of “Joy”.

Rev Rosie Addis, chaplain to deaf people in the east of Scotland, will focus on the word “Holy” to promote the Albany Church for the Deaf in Edinburgh.

And Rev Shuna Dicks of Aberlour Parish in Moray, who is heavily involved in supporting Syrian families who have moved to Forres, is reflecting on the word “Refugee”.

The minister, who is the spokeswoman of the Moray Supports Refugees group, said: “When you become a refugee you leave your old life behind and have to begin again.

“It is therefore important that we help our new neighbours, that they feel welcomed and valued.”


Jesus provides stability

Rev Valerie Allen, convener of the Church of Scotland’s Violence Against Women Task Group, is focusing on the word “Endurance”.

She recently bagged all the country’s 282 Munro mountains to raise more than £4,500 for charities which work to tackle domestic abuse.

Ms Allen said: “Endurance is a quality which, in many contexts, is one we can celebrate and admire.

“However, in the context of violence against women, endurance is more problematic.

“No woman should have to endure violence, in this context endurance is neither to be celebrated or admired.

“Rather the reason why some have to endure should be challenged.

“I hope this Advent meditation will help us reflect on the various contexts in which people endure.

“I hope it will break the silence surrounding the violence that many women needlessly endure.

“I hope it will inspire us to act to eradicate violence against women and to strive for fullness of life.

“And I hope it will communicate to women who are survivors that the church truly cares and will support them.”


Good news

Secretary of Ministries council, Rev Dr Jayne Scott, says this year’s Advent calendar reflects the spirit of the whole church in this festive season.

“It is a privilege for me to build on the success of last year’s Advent calendar.

“It has been quite a year, and as we approach the end of 2016 it leaves many communities across the world polarised, divided and unsure of what the future holds.

“As Christians, we have our faith to make sense of what is going on and Jesus to provide stability in our lives.

“Our online Advent calendar will help us share this message, not only with each other but also with a larger audience than ever before of people who will benefit from hearing this good news.

“We will have wonderful videos from the Moderator, other ministers, ministries development staff and the deaconate. I hope you will join me in supporting the calendar throughout Advent and liking and sharing these messages on social media.”


Profile of our church & minister-to-be

Here you can find the advertisement as published in Life and Work magazine of the Church of Scotland, our profiles and the application form.


In the congregational profile we describe ourselves as international congregation in the heart of Rotterdam. In the minister profile you can read about the kind of minister we are looking for. By completing the application form and mailing to the address below you can provide the Nominating Committee with the appropriate details.


Thank you for your interest in our unrestricted call.
We look forward hearing from you!


Congregational Profile Minister Profile Application Form

 Unrestricted Call

Summer Barbeque

SICR Summer Barbeque in the afternoon of Communion Sunday 2nd July 2017!


The Summer Barbeque will be held coming Sunday 2nd July in the Minister’s Garden, directly after the service. Please bring soft-drinks, salads, etc. The Social Team of the SICR will bring some drinks and the meat.

All are welcome!


If you have any questions ask Mavis this Sunday or contact the SICR Church Office during the week.

North Sea Jazz – Swing, Dine & Dance

Songs of Praise

Songs of Praise

The Scots International Church Rotterdam is introducing a series of regular evening Songs of Praise Services, the first of which will be held on Sunday 15 January 2017 at 19:30 PM.


As you may guess from the title, the main focus of these services will be on singing God’s praise. For the first service that praise will be on the hymns that the members of our church have indicated to be their favourites. Subsequent services may include may include hymns that are less well known, and also hymns that have come to us from various parts of the world – reflecting the multi-national face of our church family.


If we have musicians in the congregation who would be willing to get together to play for one or more of these services, we would be delighted to hear from you, as this would increase the diversity of our praise. We are also keen to receive feedback on the hymns we sing  and therefore after each service there will be tea and coffee and a chance to chat.


See you all on Sunday 15th January!


Prayer Meetings 2017

Prayer Meetings

Our monthly prayer meetings are now to be held at 09:00 am on the 2nd Sunday of the month, beginning on 8th January 2017. Hopefully this will encourage a greater participation in this important ministry in our congregation.

SICR to become an ECO-Congregation


Questions & Answers  Energy Project, Scots International Church Rotterdam


Members Energy Team:

Pam Russell, Daniel de Jong, Jim Taylor, Andre v.d. Velden, Fred Booman


What is a LED:

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode which uses far far less energy to produce the same amount of light.



Why replace the traditional light  bulbs:

We will immediately save on the amount of energy used by the church and the saving will pay for the LED  bulb in about 500 hours.

They also last longer increasing the overall saving for the church


Solar panels do not produce electricity on a cloudy day:

Solar energy will still be converted on a cloudy day. Light is more important than sunshine


How many panels will SICR need to cover consumption:

A reduced consumption of KWh has to be implemented first  via LED before the number of panels can be calculated. Probable number between 45 and 55 (tbd later)


Why reduce the consumption first before installing panels:

One should never produce more KWh than the actual consumption because SICR will only get a minimal amount back per KWh from the Energy Supplier: at present ca. 0.05 E back per KWh


How can one reduce the consumption of SICR?

Reduction is possible via installation of LED bulbs. Making congregation ECO aware.


Order of reduction and optimization?

Phase 1: replace traditional bulbs by LED
Phase 2: install Solar Panels


How many KWh did SICR use in 2014 / 2015?
Manse in 2014: 3300 KWh
Manse in 2015: 1150 KWh

Church in 2014: 14500 KWh
Church in 2015: 15700 KWh

Muller house in 2014: 1800KWh
Muller house in 2015: 2000 KWh


Target values (to be confirmed) after LED and Minister living in the Manse?

Manse: 3000 KWh
Church: 12000 KWh
Muller house: 1600 KWh


Are size and orientation of roof important?

Yes, the size and orientation of the Church Roof is optimal for installing max.
60 PV panels and the roof has no shade at all.
Size: 20,30m x 10m
Orientation: South West


What is a Solar Panel (PV) ?

A PV panel produces a DC current because of the solar energy.
Typical production: 225 KWh/year (average)
Lifetime: up to 30 years. Colors blue / black
Return on Investment: 7 years (average)


What does the technical installation look like?

The total installation consists of PV Panels, an Inverter and some internal cabling .


What is an Inverter?

The inverter takes care of DC conversion into AC which facilitates a direct connection with the public electricity grid/network.
SICR will only need one Inverter
Lifetime: 10-15 years



No, maintenance, but cleaning now and then makes sense.



It will be possible to monitor each separate panel for fault finding or a need for cleaning.



Today SICR has 3 meters (Manse, Muller and Church).
i.e. 3 times fixed cost. First action will be to reduce
number of meters from 3 to 1. It will still be possible
to gather separate data from the Manse and Muller House.



Saldering is the process of supplying KWhs produced by the solar panels of SICR to the national energy supplier.
SICR will get the same price for each KWh when delivered to the national grid.
Saldering only makes sense as long as you do not produce more KWh than you consume (on a yearly basis).
The equipment must comply with systems that can accumulate energy via batteries (after 2020)


Donation / Payment

You will receive a receipt at the end of the year for tax purposes.
If you already pay SICR via the envelope scheme the donation will be added to the yearly statement you get from the Treasurer of SICR.


Sponsorship: what happens if the planned configuration is not met by donations from the Congregation?

If donations do not meet the amount needed, the remainder will be supplemented by Church Funds



Application Form (Printable)




International United Peace Service 2016

Annual Peace Service

International United Service for Peace 2016 on 13th November 2016.


It is exactly 91 years ago that the Scots Church Rotterdam started this tradition. It involves ministers, priests or pastors from various international and migrant churches coming together for a service for peace. Each of the clergy will speak, pray or read from the scripture in their own language, like Russian, Finnish, French, Amharic (Ethiopia), Trigray (Eritrea), Urdu, English and more.


The service starts at 19:30, entrance is free

Open Monuments Day 2016

This year the Church will officially be on the Open Monuments route!

Saturday 10 Sep. 10:00 - 17:00
Sunday   11 Sep. 12:00 - 17:00

Should you have time to help out during one or both dates or donate/help make some sweet treats then please contact Christine Galloway.


Living Waterlink Rommelmarkt 2016

Saturday 24 september 2016
09.00 tot 16.00 hr
‘Rommelmarkt’, Scots International Church.


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