Elders with their areas & special focus

Below the map, the elders are listed alphabetically, along with their special focus.

elders_areas_800 Far North
- Ruud Witte
North West
- Ato Cromwell, Rizal Sebastian
Outer North
- Bob Hensen
North East
- Kees Knol
Inner West
- Esther Abang
Inner North
- Peace Acquaah
Inner East
- Fred Booman
Outer East
- Andre vd Velden, Emmanuel Asare-Awuku
South West
- Harry Jonckheere
Inner South
- Mavis Fleming
South East
Deep South
- Richmond Mensah

Esther Abang
Area: Inner West
Special focus: Joyful Singers

Peace Acquaah
Area: Inner North
Special focus: Caretaking team

Emmanuel Asare-Awuku
Area: Outer East
Special focus: Prayer meeting, welcome team

Fred Booman
Area: Inner East
Special focus: Finance team

Ato Cromwell
Area: North West
Special focus: Alpha course/bible studies, Sunday School, youth

Mavis Fleming
Area: Inner South
Special focus: Social team

Bob Hensen
Area: Outer North
Special focus: Consistory Clerk, Publicity team, international students

Harry Jonckheere
Area: South West
Special focus: ‘Mamre’, language classesKees Knol
Area: North East
Special focus: ‘Mamre’, safeguarding

Richmond Mensah
Area: Deep South
Special focus: Dutch church links, mission offerings

Rizal Sebastian
Area: North West
Special focus: Creche, Sunday School, youth

Andre vd Velden
Area: Outer East
Special focus: Property team, beamer

Ruud Witte
Area: Far North
Special focus: Presbytery elder, convenor of Council, Scottish church links